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Michael's Haul #2

I was hoping to get this post up earlier, but I had to first unpack everything, then organize it and figure out how I wanted everything to go. I spent most of the $1000.00 that I had set aside for this trip. I don't regret any of it, though I might have gone a little overboard on a few things.

This haul includes more than just Michael's, but rather than have 6 different posts for each store I went to, I'm grouping them all under my second Michael's haul. I'll have things from Indigo (bookstore), HMV, Michael's, and Treasured Memories, a small scrapbook shop in Edmonton than sells Project Life, as well as a multitude of other things. Possibly the greatest scrapbook store I've ever been to. The best part is that both Jon and I found things there that we would absolutely use!

Here's all the bags. It doesn't look like many, but there was a bunch here. The paper bag is from Treasured Memories, and started to tear because it was heavy. The minute I picked it up the bag tore apart and everything spilt onto the floor. Good thing I was going to empty it out anyway!

Here's what I picked up at Treasured Memories. It was the last stop we made yesterday, so I only bought the one Project Life kit that I hadn't picked up at Michaels. I didn't plan to get Mod Podge, but I wanted to try it out before I tried making my own so that I could compare the two. I also couldn't leave her store without buying stamps! The four tins have little wooden stamp sets in them, and I only picked them up because Jon wanted the tins, but I actually love the stamp sets in them!

Here's a close up of the Smash Pad I picked up. It's the quotes one. I plan to use it for sending my favourite quotes to penpals. I also picked up a cute little stamp set with envelopes. The one on the left says snail mail and the banner at the top says intro.

Here's the inside of the PL kit I picked up. It's the rain edition, and I'm in love with the colours of this one!

Here's the stamps inside of the butterfly tin.

Here's the stamps inside of the London tin. Love the keep calm and carry on stamp!

These are the stamps inside of the symbols tin. They'll be great for decorating envelopes, letters and for little things in Project Life (if I ever get started).

Finally, here are the stamps inside the New York stamp tin. I love the Statue of Liberty!

Since I'm sharing my haul in the reverse order that I bought everything, before going to Treasured Memories, we stopped at HMV in West Edmonton Mall. I couldn't resist picking up movies on my list and some CD's I wanted. The CD's I picked up included The Piano Guys, Ellie Goulding, Imagine Dragons, and Michael Buble. I picked up a bunch of movies as well, Jane Eyre, Julie & Julia (which I'm watching with Jon right now), Blue Valentine, Trouble With The Curve, The Host and got Hot Tub Time Machine for like $6 or something for spending over $15.

Before that we went to Chapters (Indigo, Coles, etc.). I really wanted to get the Hunger Games set, but couldn't find all the books together. I was also a little disappointed that I couldn't find the third book in the Beautiful Creatures Series. I was excited to get Under the Dome (I'm watching the TV show on CBS), and The Host!

While we were in the book store, I couldn't pass up getting some pretty tissue paper, and a couple journals. The airmail one on the right is for a penpal, and the other is for myself. It has pretty papers inside.

Sample of a couple of the papers. They're so pretty! I could always tear them out and write letters on them.

Before we travelled to the giant mall, we went to Michaels. One thing on my list that I refused to leave Michael's without was more washitape dispensers (though still not enough). I picked up four pairs and need another four to hold all of my tape (and a few extra rolls).

Here's all my washitape stacked on my racks. I wanted to keep the colours together still (like how they were in the suitcase). When I ran out of holders, I stacked the remaining rolls on the little holders on the side of the bottom holders. On the far right I have all my remaining orange tape, and one multi coloured chevron roll in front. The others also have two stacks (the front stack being 2-4 rolls high. I think that this is an indication that I almost have too much washitape, some of it hasn't even been used yet!

I picked up some clay planter bases for another project. I bought four little ones, and a large one (larger than the last one I bought). 

I also picked up some sticker packs. The Hello Kitty ones are for penpals, and the Dora and Disney Princesses are for my niece. I send her stickers once a week or so.

I also picked up some family stickers. Hoping to do something family related for my boyfriends parents regarding the family reunion they held last summer.

I couldn't resist getting an owl and an elephant punch. I also couldn't help but pick up more washitape. I'm a little ashamed about how out of control my addiction to washitape has gotten. I can only imagine what's going to happen when they bring in new designs.

I also couldn't resist getting some stamps. I needed more birthday related stamps. I also loved the Canada stamp. It'll go nicely with my other Canada stamps, and they'll be beautiful on envelopes for penpals!

Of course I couldn't resist getting acrylic stamps either. So I picked up all of these.

The two small sets on the left were in the sale bin. Yay me!

Found these beautiful photo boxes as we walked into Michael's. I only needed one, but I couldn't resist. Plus they had owls on them so I needed them. 

Here's what the sides of the photoboxes look like!


I also had to pick up stamp cleaner replacement pads for my stamp cleaner.

Only picked up two paper stacks. The black and white one has some patterns that match a paper stack that I use a lot! It's also by Recollections, it just has more bright pastel colours.

Of course I bought Project Life at Michael's. I WANTED the Cherry Blossom edition, but couldn't find it here, nor at Treasured Memories, but I ended up getting all of these instead. 

First up, we have the Midnight Edition. Lots of black, white, yellow and grey.

Next up we have the Kraft edition. This one is so fun and different. The predominant colour is kraft paper brown. I love it! 

The Honey Edition. I love how bright and cheerful it is. I hadn't planned on getting it, but I figured I might as well just get one of each instead of just 3/4 of what they had.

Then we have the Cinnamon edition. I love the colours of this one. I'm not a fan of brown, but I love the way this looks!

Currently all six of my Project Life core kits are stored under my second desk. The top one, the Blush Edition, I ordered from the HSN special (long story), but only received the one kit before cancelling my order. I hate the box that it came in. I love the box the others came in. They're so much nicer! But I can't wait to show you what my kits go towards.

I feel a bit like a hoarder of craft supplies, but Jon assures me that it's okay because I'm hoarding things that I'm actually going to use. That justifies this right? I'm allowed to pick up every single Project Life edition because one day I'll use them, but until I do use them, I can just store them under my other desk.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! This post took me a couple of hours to write. I'm rather surprised. Though I had a lot of pictures to upload, which took forever. I also had a lot to say.

I'd love to see your craft supply hauls and your Project Life layouts, or other creative things that you use your Project Life kits for! If you'd like to submit something or offer feedback, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment below!



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