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Stamp Storage

Good morning readers! I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend! When I wasn't at work this weekend, I was laying around instead of working on posts for this week, so my apologies with this being a little late!
Today I'm going to share with you, a unique piece of furniture that I currently use to store my wooden stamps. It's a great idea, but the size isn't very practical, and I'm still not sure how to arrange everything to get the most out of the piece. Suggestions are always welcome!

Here's the piece of furniture. It looks like sideways drawers. They slide out, and then swing to the left to allow you great access to everything in them. I picked this up at my neighbours garage sale (when I also picked up my desk). In the future, I'd like to change the hardware, and possibly the colour.

The first few drawers are too close to the wall to swing open, but they currently hold most of my Stampin Up sets. In a couple of places they're stacked in front of each other, but the ones in the back I don't use as often.

The middle drawer holds all the extra shelves from the smaller drawers. Mostly because the shelf that's in this one, is in the wrong spot, and it's currently stuck there. I didn't want to break it, so I just left it and piled extra shelves into it. I love that most of the shelves were adjustable, and in the future, they will come in really handy when I decided exactly how I want my stamps to be stored, or if I decide to just use it for something else.

The Stampin Up sets that I use a lot more often are in the front drawers for easier access. You can also see how the drawers swing in front of the other ones to allow easier viewing of the drawer contents.

In the last drawer I have all of my loose stamps that I've picked up during multiple shopping trips. These I use a lot with my letters and outgoing mail. Having them stored like this makes me want to separate my Stampin Up sets and sort everything by occasion, but at the same time, I like that my Stampin Up sets are together so I can combine different stamps from the same set.

There are so many ways to store stamps, and currently, I feel as though this isn't working very effectively for me. My stamps are on the opposite side of my crafting space, because it's the only place this piece would fit without getting in the way. I feel like out of sight out of mind really applies to these. I seem to use my acrylic stamps more because they sit on my desk where I can see them. In the future I think I'd like to make a large shelf unit to place my stamps on so I can simply browse it and see every stamp I have, all at once. Maybe I'd use more of them!

Have a wonderful Monday!!


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