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Tissue Paper Flowers - Tutorial

Another tutorial for you all. You've probably seen tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube. I combined a couple of tutorials and 5 flowers later, I have this tutorial for you all!

Two of the more successful flowers I made before this one I'm about to show you.

Here's what you'll need!
Scissors (a paper slicer could tear the tissue paper)
String/Twine (4" per flower)
Tissue Paper

Unfold your tissue paper and remove one piece. Refold it in half, and crease the fold.

Fold it in half the same way, again. Crease this fold as well.

Fold it in half the opposite way. Again, crease this fold.

Fold it in half again to form a square and crease the fold.
If you choose, you can use your pencil and ruler to measure out 5" squares, which I used to make this flower.

Unfold the last two folds and cut along one of your fold lines.

Unfold the square and you should have a rectangle with four crease lines. Cut along those lines to make four squares.

Stack your four squares on top of each other, and line up the edges the best you can.

Accordion fold your squares (doesn't have to be perfect, no one will be able to tell).

Fold the center in half and tie your string in a knot around your paper. Trip the ends to the desired shape of flower you want to make (check out the photo at the bottom for more ideas).

Unfold your accordions so it looks something like the above photo. Be careful not to rip the layers.

Pull the layers apart and towards the center then adjust them until you're happy with your flower. Try to keep the bottom flat so it sits nicely.
If you plan to tie it to something like a gift bag, use a longer string. If you want a fuller flower, layer more squares. If you want a larger flower, cut larger squares. You could even use multiple colours in one flower!

Use this photo as a guide for folding/cutting the ends of your flower to achieve different looks for different flowers. Click the photo to visit the blog I borrowed it from!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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