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Washitape Wednesday

I posted some washitape I got in the mail a few weeks ago on my Instagram account (here), and the owner of Crafting a Fairytale (here) told me about Washitape Wednesday that she was hosting on her blog. She asked if I'd like to submit things for it, and so here's my first project. I've included a mostly simple tutorial for those of you who'd like to do something similar.

Here's the washitape that I used for this card. I'm sure if I went through photos I could tell you exactly where it all came from. The top stripe, the blue and the yellow polka dot came from Scrapbook Daily Deals, and Pick Your Plum. 

Cut a piece of cardstock a little smaller than the card you're going to put it on. Draw a line to use as a guide so that your first piece of washitape are straight.

I started out with one piece on either side of my line and then finished one side and then the other. I decided to keep the order of the tape the same as on the striped tape that inspired the colours.

You can use any number of colours. I used three and tried to keep the widths similar and the colours as similar as I could. But you could use any combinations of colours. 

The back should look something like this. You just need enough to go over the edge and secure it, not to cover the back completely. For the corners, trim the edges so they wrap around and lay flat on the back without going back over the front.

Attach your washitape to the front of your card and decorate it as desired.

I did a simple Happy Birthday with a yellow brad.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Next week we'll have a whole new project for you!


Shutterscape said...

Love this card! Such a quick and simple idea. Love that it is so bright, colorful and happy. Thank you for the inspiration. Looking forward to next weeks project!

Tiffany said...

I love all of your cards! Do you ever find that the tape peels up? Most my crafts the tape doesn't stay 'stuck' that well.

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