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More Paper Flowers

First, allow me to apologize for the late post. I was up late working on this and didn't manage to get it posted before I called it a night. I struggled a bit with the flower this time around, and then forgot pieces of my tutorial, and then some of the petals weren't staying in place so I tried different things to make them more secure. In the end however, I reverted back to the way I had done it in the beginning. (Before I decided to make a tutorial of it).

This is the first one I made. It turned out better than I thought it would. Though I realize now that I'd stapled it wrong and the petals wouldn't open as much as I had hoped, so I had to use more of them.

Here's what you need: glue dots (I also used my tape gun), 15 2" x 2" squares, stapler, two scalloped circles or other shape to put onto the front, and something for the back to hold everything together.

Take one square and place it face down in front of you. (make sure the side you want showing is facing the table)

Fold the square into a triangle

Fold the bottom corners together to make a smaller triangle.

Fold the bottom right corner of the top layer back to make a smaller triangle.

Repeat on the other side. It should look something like the above picture.

Fold the top corner down to the bottom on both sides.

Staple the petal together like so. Try and make sure that you get both sides. If you don't, staple both sides together separately.

Use your finger to open up the petal (opposite of the end you stapled).

Begin attaching your petals to your base circle. I drew lines on mine so I knew where the centre was, and could divide up the circle evenly. Then I ran over it with my tape gun, and put some glue dots near the centre to secure them.

If you flatten your petals out more you'll need less. but when all your petals are attached you'll have something like this. At this point I used my glue gun to put glue in the centre to secure the petals a little better.

I stamped a sentiment onto my top scalloped circle and set it aside to dry while my glue hardened.

Attach your scalloped circle to the top of your flower. There you have it! 

Here's two others that I made! You could attach these to string/twine and use them as gift tags, or attach them to cards, or put them on sticks and place them into a bouquet of flowers.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Shutterscape said...

These are very pretty flowers! Can't wait to give them a try. Thank you for the tutorial.

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