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Project Life: Week Fourteen

Today I'm sharing week 14. It was pretty simple, not too photo heavy, finally the end of March, but not the end of winter apparently. It was also Jon's dad's birthday.  

This week I tried to do pink and orange just because I think they're pretty together. I used Dear Lizzy: Neapolitan, and Coral. 

Here's the left side. The cupcakes were for Jon's dad's birthday, it snowed again, the orange card in the bottom right was a funny story Jon and I laughed about this week. 

Cut another Design C insert in half for the insert. I used the insert for photos from when my sister and my niece came to visit me at work.

I used floral washitape to adhere this photo to a background card. You can't really see the tape unless you look closely, which is what I wanted for this card. 

Here's the back side of the insert and the right side. I used the same washitape from the previous photo on my month card. 

The insert was design D cut in half. On the back side I included journaling about their visit. We coloured and threw paper airplanes in the hallway. It was fun. 

Here's the right side. I included Jon's painting and and a little journaling back here. 

Again I hid my journaling for the week in a bifold card. I just need to mark it so I know to pull it out for the journaling for the week. Also need to finish my month card. 

There's week 14. Another simple layout full of photos. I recently ordered photos from the last two years, and a bunch of scrapbooking supplies so layouts from previous years and some crafty hauls will be coming soon!

Have a great day! 


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