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Project Life: Week Twelve

I hope that spring has finally arrived (or fall). Today I'm sharing week 12. This week wasn't as photo heavy as previous weeks, and lately I've almost been forgetting to take photos, so I just fill in the gaps with Jon's painting or our cats. 

This week I used Maggie Holmes' core kit, a card by MAMBI, and a card from the Seasons Mini Kit. 

Here's the left side. The 'Hello Sunshine' wood veneer is from the Studio Calico March Kit. I thought it went well with my photo of what we all thought was the beginning of spring, but turned out just to be Mother Nature having a slight hot flash. 

I did a close up of this because I made the photo using the instaweather app for iPhone. I bought the pro version for a buck or two. The photo comes out square, so I used the spring card to fill in the space and added the hello sunshine veneer because we hadn't seen the sun for a few days. 

Here's the right side. This week I realized that we had very few photos (if any) of our other cat in our album. Most of my photos of him were taken before Christmas and didn't make it in. He has been in the habit of dumping his food pail because he thinks that we don't feed him enough (even when his dish is full). I wanted to include that in the album because though it's annoying, it's something I wanted to remember. I have moved his food pail to where he can't dump it, and this problem has stopped. 

That's all for this very simple spread. 
Here's a tip for those of you who make a bunch of spreads before posting them, if you have trouble remembering which kit(s) you used and you want to include that in your post, use a sticky note. I also use a sticky note to mark which layouts have not been photographed or posted, and sticky notes to remind me if I have an unfinished page. Sometimes I use them to plan layouts mid week. They're possibly my favourite organizational tool. 

Have a great day!


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