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Project Life: Week Thirteen

This week was extremely photo heavy. So much so that I did four full pages and an insert. This week I tried a few new things, and did a bit of embellishing, and incorporated my boyfriend handwriting in his own portion of this week. 

Hers what I refer to as part one of my layout. This is everything I did before the weekend (I worked all weekend and nothing exciting happened). I used just 5th and Frolic for this part of the layout. 

Here's the left side. The books quote on this page was a free printable I found on Pinterest. I simply set it to print multiple PDFs to get it to a size that would fit in my spread. 

I added the arrow sticker to cover an ink smudge. I used my stamp from the February Studio Calico kit and the sticker is from My Mind's Eye: The Sweetest Thing line. This week I also incorporated a QR code. If you scan the code, it's just a video of our cat Gracie playing with her ball wheel. 

This is the right side. I tried out a couple of new recipes this week, and on Wednesday I'll be sharing the Muffin recipe and Friday will be the Banana bread recipe. I also used a bifold card the way it was intended and added some stickers to a journaling card.

Here's my bifold card. The alphas are from the April Studio Calico Kit. I made the pull tab with a scrap of paper and adhered it to the back of the card.

Here's what I refer to as part two of this week. Jon had a tournament and borrowed his dad's camera to take photos. He took a lot and I tried to include a couple from each game. The insert is a Design C protector cut in half.

Here's the left side. I used Cinnamon and Rain editions for this portion because it fit the colors of the photos better.  I tried to keep the photos in order and include as many as I could without making an entire album. 

I used more alphas and some washitape for the title card and had Jon write out game one. All I did was choose the cards and place the photos. 

Here's the front side of the insert. I just cut a Design C page protector in half. 

Here's the other half of this. I added two journaling cards, one for each game, and some fillers. 


Here's the back side of the insert. Just more photos. 

Here's the right side. I greatly dislike his handwriting, but he loves that I'm doing this and is more than happy to contribute. I love this his handwriting will always be there!

My layouts generally aren't this full of photos but it's nice sometimes, especially when we haven't had time to go on any trips together lately.

Have a great day!


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