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Project Life | Week 40

Today I'm sharing week 40. This week I found out I was on the Kellie Stamps Creative Team, and she made the announcement to the world. I made a few projects quickly before the release of the stamps the week after.

Here's the left side. Added a new shelf to my washitape storage, binged Modern Family and got my Black & White Story Kit from Ali Edwards.

I made an insert for this week to document getting on the creative team, and the first projects I made using the stamps.

Here's the back of the insert and the right side.

The back of the insert has more projects I made.

The right side documents Gracie, fall, international coffee day (going back to stamp the date on the card) and a particularly stressful day at work. The "siiiiiigh" card is a flip pocket with journaling about that day. I used washitape to create the flip pocket and stitched a half circle to the bottom of the top card.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Project Life | Week 39

Today I'm sharing Week 39. This week it really felt like fall. 

Here's the left side. I used some super old cork alphas from Studio Calico to mark the week. I did a whole ton of creating this week. We quickly ran to the city to pick up groceries and Pitch Perfect 2. Totally worth it. We replaced the lock on the backdoor, and felt like grownups because we were doing adult things, and being excited about it.

Here's the right side. Messy desk (as always), visited the kids at moms. Picked up my super early birthday present from Jon's parents (the kitchen aid mixer) while we were in the city. It's beautiful and I've used it a couple times since, and I'm never going to give it up.

Thanks for coming to see this spread. I hope you have a wonderful day!


December Daily | Prep & Supplies

It literally feels like my birthday was yesterday, but in reality, Christmas is in a month. This year has flown by, and while I'm excited for all the things next year will bring, there's a lot of things I still want to do this year. Like create my very first December Daily album. I'm excited, nervous, and a little anxious about this project, but I'm sure I'll have a wonderful time. My plan is to still share my pages throughout this month, otherwise I'm afraid I won't finish the album, but given how busy this time of year is, I'm almost certain I'll fall behind, but my main goal is to finish the album before the end of January.
I haven't done much in the way of prepping pages. Until I did Week in the Life, I wasn't able to add pocket pages to an album in any order that wasn't all of each page type grouped together. While it worked for me to choose a pocket page based on the photos I had for that particular day/spread, I wanted to try something a little different, and make my photos fit into my plan. While I'm completely okay rearranging things when I work on the album, for the most part everything is set. I have allowed for a two page spread for each day, but I'm totally open to removing pages. My album is pretty full already and all I have are pocket pages, these wood veneer numbers by Freckled Fawn (from last year), and here I share a few things I made with some of Wilna Furstenbergs newest set of Christmas products (available here).

Ali Edwards just had a sale (60% off) on her old December Daily products, so of course I bought the 2013 Kit Only and the 2014 Kit with the off-white album. I'd been debating buying the 2014 kit for a while, and since she rarely has sales, I took advantage and picked it up. At the time I'm writing this, only the 2014 kit with the off-white album is available (linked above).

My original plan was to keep it really simple, and stick to traditional colours (red, green, gold, silver and black) but after seeing Wilna's beautiful Christmas products, I've acknowledged that it might be all over the place. I imagine that this album will be bursting with Christmas memories by the end of the month. I'm so excited!

I'm also working on this little 4x4 album. I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet, but right now it has some 4x4 pocket pages inside of it, but I think that maybe I'll remove those and just include 4x4 photos straight into the album. I'm thinking in the form of a photo challenge (like photo a day) and having Jon and I both snap photos each day, and add them to this album. It'll be so fun to see how we both capture the December season. I might even make him write some journaling to include in the album.

Thank you so much for coming by to see the VERY early stages of my December Daily. I can't believe that December is already less than a week away! I'm so excited to document the month with all of you!

Have a great day!


Project Life | Week 38

Today I'm sharing week 38 of my Project Life. This week I finished up my Week in The Life album, and worked on my Dauphin mini album, which you can see in this post from last week.

Here's the left side. Having a cashout that's only over by a penny is something definitely worth documenting. Took a selfie for #thursday3 on Instagram, documented my three things on the card to the left of the photo.

Here's the right side. Jon sent me a selfie of him and Gracie laying on the couch. He wanted to get up but thought she was too comfortable to move. I documented a bit of what I did for my Dauphin album.

Thanks for coming by to see my spread for this week. I feel like the closer I get to the end of the year, the less excitement I feel about doing my spreads. Really thinking about doing something different for next year.

Have a great day!


Project Life | Week 37

I can't believe November is over half over already. It feels like it just started yesterday. It's also a little hard to believe that Christmas is in a little over a month. Where has this entire year gone? I'm looking forward to next year and all the things we want to do next year. That being said, I need to first get through this year, so today I'm sharing week 37.

Here's the left side. I really need to photograph my spreads when I have more than 2 seconds before I have to leave to do something (like go to work), so that they'll photograph nicely, and I can look at the little details (like the yellow pattern card) and realize that it needs a little something added to it. This week I documented the beginning of my Gratitude Journal. I'm planning a post about it soon. I also just realized I didn't write the quote on the label over the photo.

Here's the right side. The "less" and "more" cards were originally on the same 4x6 but I cut it in half to fill two 3x4 pockets. I documented some creative projects, including one my niece and I made (we made some cards because she wanted to make a craft). I also love snapchat, and documented the fact that we're not home much lately and haven't gotten around to washing the dishes and we ran out of spoons.

Thanks for coming by to see my spread. Raise your hand if you're getting excited for Christmas! Have a great day!


Kellie Stamps | November

I'm a little (okay a lot) late to share these projects here. Some have been shared on Instagram, some have only been shared on Instagram as sneaks. I've been struggling to get over this cold, and haven't had time to get this post ready, so I had rearranged some things and shared other projects before this. Still sick, but given that I should be getting the December release soon, I needed to get this post done. I have a couple of other projects floating in my head, and I haven't done much with the summer stamps, so I'll probably share more projects in the future. You can buy the BOOKNERD and SUMMER 2016 sets that I used in these projects (here).

Here I used the "Hello Sunshine" set to add an overlay to a couple of photos. They were snapped on the same day, one of the sunrise, and the other of the sunset. I love this stamp. I say hello sunshine ALL THE TIME. This stamp will definitely be used more in the future.

Here I used the "Fun in the sun" stamp from the Summer 2016 set to add an overlay to this photo of my niece swimming at the lake. She was having so much fun trying to push her dad's head under the water, and we had so much fun watching her swim.

I didn't get a chance to print this photo out, but I took the dashed line off the bottom of the "summer reading" stamp from the Summer 2016 set and put it straight onto this photo of of the first book I read in the summer. My plan is to add this to my "reading" mini album as a divider between the start of the year, and the books I read in the summer.

Here I used the Booknerd set to create a couple of 4x4 pages for my reading mini album. On the left, I used the silhouette to cut out the books (similar to how I cut the doodles from the October release (here)). On the right I made a 4x5 card in photoshop and painted the spines of the books different colours.

Here I added some of the smaller sentiments from the Booknerd set to the spines of the books, then painted them in photoshop. I printed and cut them with the silhouette and added them to a layout.

 I used the silhouette to diecut the books. I had to adjust them so the books were all connected, and I lost a few of the inside pieces of the books, but I love how it turned out. I'm going to add it to my book mini album as a see-through page.

This layout is my favourite project from this release. I cut a TON of the "reading list" and used them to create a background. I debated printing them out directly onto a smaller sheet, but I loved the process of gluing them down, I love the imperfection of the bottom right side being more crooked than the top left side. I love the texture it adds to the page, and the whole reason I scrapbook is the cutting and gluing. I love it. I added the "book shelf" stamp as an overlay on my photo, and printed out the "book nerd" strip and cut it out to use as an embellishment. I added a bit of pattern paper so the photo stood out a bit more. I'm going back to add some journaling and the date, but otherwise I think this simple layout is finished.

Thank you for coming by to see these projects. The BOOKNERD set is definitely one of my favourites. I love to read, and this set is perfect for documenting what I read.

Have a great day!


Project Life | Week 36

Today I'm sharing Week 36. I used a bunch of yellow on this spread, and love how it turned out. I don't usually add any embellishments, but once again, looking at yellow card on the right side, and the blue one with stars, I feel like they need a little something added to them.

Here's the left side. I started and finished another embroidered page early in the week. You can see the completed page (here). We cleaned up the basement, and Socks decided that he would help by sitting in the drawers of the desk we were trying to move. Our new vacuum arrived, and Jon vacuumed the entire house with it. We love it so much more than our old one.
Here's the right side. Tori and I made crafts, I spent a rainy day working on Week in the Life and some Invitation samples for my sister.

Thanks for coming by to see my spread for this week. I hope you have a wonderful day!



Travel Mini Album | Dauphin, MB

Good morning! Today I`m sharing photos of my mini album from my trip last April. We took 6 days and drove from my home in Alberta, across Saskatchewan and into Manitoba to visit my Aunt and cousins. I went with my parents and we picked up my Grandma along the way, and we all enjoyed the trip immensely. I don`t have much to say about this album, the cover is chipboard that I covered with a paper bag from the scrapbook store my Aunt took us to. It was beautiful paper and I can`t believe that they put your purchases into it, and people probably just throw it away. I used a lot of tags for my journaling, some vintage paper from my stash, Ali Edwards`GO Story Stamps in digital and physical. You can buy the stamp set (here), and this mixed alphabet stamp that I used on the tag for the page with the alphabets everywhere (here). I used some physical and digital Kellie Stamps On Fleek (here), Cray Cray (here) Brunch (here). Everything else came from my stash.

This chipboard star is from the Go Story Kit from Ali Edwards (no longer available).

The end. Thank you so much for coming by to see this mini album. I left out a few things because I don't want to share them here (like my cousin sitting on her little potty). This mini album is very photo heavy, and that's what I love about it.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. I'll be back tomorrow sharing another week of Project Life!